Member Directory of Composers

Below is the complete Roster of our Composer Members, both active and inactive. Click on each name in bold to be directed to individual profile pages. We continue to honor those who are no longer with us on the In Memoriam or Honorary Members pages accessible from the Composers tab in the menu bar above. To be redirected to the Composer Photos Page, click on the Photos button below, or navigate from the Composers tab in the menu bar.

Inactive (or Deceased) Members

Bunny Beck (deceased)

José Beviá

Jonathan Bingham

Sam Bishoff

Frederick Boyle

David Brooks

Simon Brown

Elliott Carter (Honorary)(deceased)

Gilad Cohen

Steve Cohen

Marc-Antonio Consoli

Derek Cooper

Matīss Čudars

Zach Gulaboff Davis

John de Clef Piñeiro

Vladimir Del Orbe

Jesse Diener-Bennett

John Eaton (Honorary)(deceased)

Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy (deceased)

Brian Fennelly (deceased)

Edward Ficklin

Jill Frere

Victor Frost

Dinu Ghezzo (Honorary)(deceased)

Joe Gianono

Jeremy Gill

Monroe Golden

Jacob E. Goodman (deceased)

Rolando Gori

Michael Salvatore Grebla

Ross Griffey

Jennifer Griffith

Donald Hagar

Martin Halpern (deceased)

Noah Haverkamp

Sean Hickey

David Hier

Robert Honstein

Sam Hoyland

Memrie Innerarity

Olivia Jones

Fedor Kabalin

David Katz

Cheng-Jin Koh

Andrey Komanetsy

Leo Kraft (deceased)

Dawoud Kringle

Ursula Kwong-Brown

Ezra Laderman (Honorary)(deceased)

Orlando Legname (deceased)

Stephen Leibholz (deceased)

Elizabeth Lim

Eugene Marlow

Todd Mason

Peri Mauer

Eugene McBride

Christopher Montgomery

Ben Morss

Miki Nakanishi

Sheli Nan

Catherine Neville

Jeffrey Niederhoffer

Nailah Nombeko

Terry Winter Owens (deceased)

Joseph Pehrson (deceased)

Frank Picarzzi

Raoul Pleskow (Honorary)(deceased)

Frank Retzel (deceased)

Richard Russell

Inessa Segal

Christopher Sahar

Eric Segerstrom

Craig Slon

Matthew Steckler

Gary Strauss

Andy Teirstein

Alex Temple

Patrick Andrew Thompson

Bill Vanaver

William Vollinger

Cesar Vuksic (deceased)

Matt Weber