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Davide Capobianco

Member since 2022

DAVIDE CAPOBIANCO is an Italian composer of contemporary concert and electroacoustic music for solo performers, ensembles, and orchestras. He is also an arranger, orchestrator, music copyist, sound designer, and piano tuner based in New York City. He is a classically–trained pianist and he studied at the Conservatorio Nino Rota in Italy as an oboist and percussionist. Upon moving to the United States, he explored his interest with modulars and pursued a degree in Composition and Electronic Production & Design from Berklee College of Music. His main goal is to bridge the gap between the world of acoustic and electronic music through composition. Since graduating, Capobianco has played a role in a number of projects and groups, including creating electronic background textures for the multimedia and immersive opera (ELLIS) by composer Gabriele Vanoni, as well as membership with Neither/Nor, a composer's ensemble led by director Richard Carrick. Additionally, Capobianco founded his own composer's ensemble in NYC— Hertz Of...— where the goal is to explore unconventional forms of music and to experiment with instrument combinations and electronics. He also started an online music project, Psycle, where musicians engage in a cyclical process of recording and exchanging audio–video building blocks that eventually total a set of complete compositions. Capobianco spends most of his time composing, creating a digital archive of video performances, giving private lessons, and assisting other composers.

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