Our Roster of Performers

Below is the Roster of our Performer Members. Please click on the photos to be directed to individual performer profile pages. To see the list of members by Instrument, please click on the Instrumentation button below.

Demetra Adams, Soprano

Haim Avitsur, Trombone

Mary Barto, Flute

Allen Blustine, Clarinet

Jessica Bowers

Virginia Chang Chien, Oboe

Artie Dibble, Violin/Viola

Sofia Dimitrova, Soprano

Stanichka Dimitrova, Violin

Vasko Dukovski, Clarinet

Tiffany DuMouchelle, Soprano

Claudia Dumschat, Organ

Marcia Eckert, Piano

Dave Eggar, Cello

Oren Fader, Guitar

Leonard Hindell, Bassoon

Craig Ketter, Piano

Michael Laderman, Flute

Jacqueline Milena Mulligan, Soprano

Daniel Neer, Tenor

Maxine Neuman, Cello

Margarell O'Connell, Mezzo-Soprano

Christopher Oldfather, Piano

Javier Oviedo, Saxophone

Daniel Panner, Viola

Lisa Pike, Horn

Anthony Pulgram, Tenor

Carolyn Regula, Cello

Ricardo Rivera, Baritone

Peter Sachon

Stephen Solook, Percussion

Patricia Sonego, Soprano

Ammon Swinbank, Flute

Anna Tonna, Mezzo-Soprano