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Matīss Čudars

Honorable Mention in the 2022 John Eaton Memorial Competition

MATīSS ČUDARS, born in 1991, is a Latvian jazz guitar player and composer. He's been acknowledged as one of the most pronominal up-raising young music talents from the Baltic States. His unique, highly personal sound, together with the artistically integral, energetically saturated and yet lyrical compositions gives an esthetic enjoyment to a music knower, as well as to a regular listener. The music he plays encompasses a variety of different music genres - strong investment in the jazz improvisation, folk music integrity, the indie rock energy, and classical music harmony. Musicians characterize his music as emotionally touching, interactive, melodical contemporary jazz. Throughout his youth, Matīss had been busy studying and playing in various orchestras as a trombone and marimba/percussion player, as well as playing the guitar in several rock bands in Latvia


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