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Craig Slon (Slonczewski)


CRAIG SLON is a New York based composer of concert, electroacoustic and film music. He studied rhythm, harmony, counterpoint, composition and music ethnography at Sarah Lawrence College, and a received BA in Liberal Arts. He has scored over 40 films, with screenings at the Tous Courts Arx Festival, Toronto International Festival, Eksjo Animation Festival, Anchorage International Film Festival, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, ADH Film Festival, Clermont- Ferrand Festival, Annecy Festival, Female Eye Film Festival, Euro Festival, Transitio, and IAAC. He won a Craft Award for Original Score from New York University, received a grant from Artlink (Scotland), and won a music publishing contract from Tirreno Editorial Group. Slon lived in Andalusia for ten years and his music has been performed in Spain, Denmark, Australia, Peru, United States, Mexico, England, Scotland, Germany and China. He has investigated the resonant signatures of glass, metal, wood, plastic, rubber and ceramic materials in the context of electroacoustic music, and has worked as recording engineer with the New York Wind Quintet, Duke Piano Trio, Bryant Park Quartet, Parker Quartet, Arianna Quartet, Mivos Quartet, Attacca Quartet, Cassatt Quartet, Braude Ensemble, Ekmeles, Loadbang, Choral Society of Grace Church, Polyhymnia, Amor Artis, Choral Chameleon, One World Symphony, A Far Cry, Hudson Chorale, Contemporaneos, Azure Ensemble, New York New Music Ensemble, Joan Tower, Taka Kigawa, Kathleen Supove, Billy Joel, Alexander Markov, International Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, Arturo O'Farrill Quartet, The Canticum Novum Singers, Empire City Men's Chorus, Kammerraku Aloha, Gateway Orchestra, New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra and Ars Musica. He is interested in the semiotics of culture and has spent time with Tarahumara and Shuar indigenous communities.

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