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Vladimir Del Orbe

2014 Winner John Eaton Memorial Competition

VLADIMIR DEL ORBE is a composer and theorist born in the Dominican Republic and a resident of New York City. Studied theory, composition and analysis, and violin at Conservatorio  Nacional de Música of Santo Domingo  City (R.D.), piano at the Bellas Artes school and Episcopal Church of San Francisco de Macorís (R.D.), Social Communication, Laws and Master Literature in the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (R.D.).  He has written music for orchestras, soloists, choirs, chamber ensembles, theatre, and film. He won two composition competitions, “Premio Nacional de Música”(national prize music), and awarded the best music composition to the Dominican State in 2005 and 2014. He has also written various books on social theory and the composition theory.  El Discruso Asemántico.  Opus X (book about music complexity).  La Sociedad Caostopica (book social theory). Contexterofonía (a book about the theory of composition).  Pensamiento Ecologizado (book about social politic and communication).  Literatura y Complejidad (a book about the complexity of contextual poetry). His recent works are Responsum, for cello solo and ensemble. Entrevisón Dialógica, for English Horn and Piano, Concertino for Trombone and orchestra. Contextual Enigma for Clarinet, double bass, and Piano. Infiguración, for flute, harp, double bass and percussion. Noumenum, for Trumpet and Timpanis. Winner of The New York Composers Circle John Eaton Memorial Competition in 2014.


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