The New York Composers Circle Board of Directors Elects New Chair and Appoints New Board Members

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 9:27 AM


The New York Composers Circle Board of Directors Elects New Chair and Appoints New Board Members

New York, NY - [January 30, 2024] - The New York Composers Circle Board of Directors elected Clifford Hall as the new Chair, who assumed the position on January 1, 2024. Mr. Hall has been a member of the board since 2021. The New York Composers Circle, a leading organization dedicated to creating and performing contemporary new music, extends its heartfelt appreciation to Richard Brooks, the outgoing Board Chairman, for his exceptional leadership and unwavering guidance throughout the past five years. Brooks will remain on the Board as the Secretary of the Board.

Under Dr. Brooks' stewardship, the New York Composers Circle has flourished, achieving significant milestones and realizing its mission of fostering creativity and innovation in contemporary new music. His invaluable contributions have laid a strong foundation for the organization's continued success and growth.

"We sincerely thank Dr. Richard Brooks for his outstanding dedication and commitment to The New York Composers Circle," said Clifford Hall. "His visionary leadership and strategic insights have propelled us forward, enabling us to provide vital support to seasoned and emerging composers and present groundbreaking musical experiences to our audiences."

Additionally, the New York Composers Circle acknowledges the departure of long-time Board member and former Executive Director John de Clef Piñeiro from the Board. It expresses deep gratitude for his wisdom, professionalism, and exceptional performance during his tenure. His contributions have been instrumental in advancing the organization's mission, and we extend our best wishes for his future endeavors.

As the New York Composers Circle bids farewell to valued members, it welcomes two newly appointed Board members, Robert Paterson and Candace Greiff. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise in the music industry bring fresh perspectives to the organization's governance, ensuring continued excellence and relevance.

Already, Robert Paterson and Candace Greiff have made a significant impact, actively engaging in shaping the future of The New York Composers Circle. Their passion for contemporary music and unwavering dedication to supporting composers aligns perfectly with the organization's values, and their contributions are greatly appreciated.

"We are delighted to welcome Robert Paterson and Candace Greiff to our esteemed Board of Directors," said Clifford Hall. "Their wealth of experience and deep appreciation for the arts will be invaluable as we continue to champion the work of talented composers and push the boundaries of contemporary music."

The New York Composers Circle looks forward to an exciting future under the guidance of its new Board members. It thanks Dr. Richard Brooks and John de Clef Piñeiro for their remarkable contributions. Their collective efforts have positioned the organization for continued success in promoting innovative and dynamic contemporary new music.


About The New York Composers Circle:

The New York Composers Circle is an artistic and educational organization dedicated to new music — its creation, its performance, and the development of new audiences. Its members and supporters are composers, performers, and music lovers. Its activities include concerts of new music (currently as many as eight each season), monthly salons at which composers play and discuss new works and works in progress for fellow members and guests and hear talks by various members of the new-music community, an annual competition open only to nonmembers, and a program of outreach concerts to benefit the broader community and to attract new concert audiences. The New York Composers Circle, Inc. is an IRS-registered tax-exempt nonprofit corporation under section 501(c)(3), recognized as an educational organization by the New York State Department of Education. 

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