New York to Moscow Musical Bridges Concert Finalized

Monday, January 30, 2023 8:41 AM

We are happy to announce that the New York to Moscow Musical Bridges Concert has been finalized by Anton Rovner, who has worked diligently to organize and plan the event. Originally scheduled for February 6th, due to a conflict at Moscow Conservatory, it had to be moved to a new venue, and on a different date. Following are the details of the event, which will be live streamed from Moscow.

To view the complete concert program click HERE.


Lermontov Library, Ulitsa Barbolina 6, Moscow

David See Das, vas ist — for soprano & pianos ‡

— Marina Donayeva, soprano, Olga Tabachnik, piano

Timothy L. MillerQuatro en uno — piano 4-hands †

— Tatiana Rovner, Olga Tabachnik, piano

Hubert Howe Inharmonic Fantasy No. 12 — violin, electronic sounds ‡

— Maria Margorina, violin

Christopher Sahar Four Violin Duos

— Maria Khodina, Anastasia Anisimova, violins

Christopher SaharLudwig Variations — flute solo †

— Ekaterina Milkina, flute

Robert S. CohenFive Nights in Sophia — violin and piano ‡

— Ekaterina Gubanova, violin; Tatiana Rovner, piano

David Mecionis Five Mirror Canons — violin and cello †

— Maria Khodina, violin; Nadezhda Grebennikova, cello

Barrett KalellisIn Our Time — soprano and piano ‡

— Valeria Golovko, soprano; Sayaka Takahashi, piano

Eric HeilnerShort Story for Violin & Piano, No. 1

— Maria Khodina, violin; Sayaka Takahashi, piano

Dary John MizellePreludes & Fugues, Book II (Nos. 2, 9, 16, 20) — piano solo ‡

— Sayaka Takahashi, piano

Hubert HowePrelude, Dance & Dream — solo piano

 — Sayaka Takahashi, piano

Linda MarcelAnjana, a Cantabrian Myth — violin solo ‡

— Ekaterina Gubanova, violin

† World Premiere ‡ Russian Premiere