Jacob Goodman Performance Announcement

Monday, September 27, 2021 8:24 AM

This comes from Naomi Goodman, Jacob Goodman’s daughter:

Dear friends of my father - Jacob E. Goodman,

Here is the link to his String Quartet No. 1, which was performed by the Klang Quartet in NYC on Sept 9th, 2021:

And by coincidence, on Oct 2nd at 7:30pm (pacific time), there will be another performance of the same String Quartet No. 1, but played on the opposite coast by the Friction Quartet at The Center for New Music in San Francisco. If you're interested in attending the virtual concert for free, it will be broadcast LIVE on Oct 2nd at 7:30pm at the following link:

After Oct 2nd, the performance will be available on the Center for New Music's YouTube channel here:

My father sends his love to all,

Naomi Goodman