Spread Spectrum Festival Returns

Saturday, April 17, 2021 11:31 AM

Sunday, April 18, 20:00

Spread Spectrum Festival 

Electronic music of Russia and the USA

Cost: 300 (RUS)

Attention! Due to the peculiarities of listening to multichannel music, the number of seats is limited. 

The Expanding the Spectrum Festival concert features works by seven American composers from New York and two Russian composers from Moscow.

American composers - Craig Slon, Dary John Mizell, Hubert Howe, Jacob Elkin, Gene Pritzker, Adam Holtzman and Alon Nechustan - are members of the famous New York associations dedicated to the promotion of contemporary music, the New York Composers Circle (Executive Director, Hubert Howe) and Composers' Concordance (Artistic Director: Gene Pritzker) will present compositions for six channels.

Two Moscow composers - Alexander Nemtin (1936-1999, known for the fact that he completed his last mystical work "Preliminary Action" for A. Scriabin) and Stanislav Kreichi (b. 1936, known as the keeper of the historical instrument of the ANS synthesizer and the author of many works for of this instrument) - were active participants in the Moscow Electronic Studio at the Scriabin Museum in the 1960s-1970s, and their compositions for the ANS synthesizer will be presented at the concert.


Craig Slon - The Endless Forest (for 6 channels)
Dary John Mizelle - Insecta (for 6 channels)
Hubert Howe - Inharmonic Fantasy [Enharmonic (t e. Microtonic Fantasy] (for 6 channels)
Jacob Elkin - Feedback Study (for 6 channels)
Gene Pritsker - One Slide Fits All (for 6 channels)
Adam Holzman - Connect the Dot (for 6 channels)
Alon Nechustan - SEUL (for 6 channels)
Alexander Nemtin - Meet the Dream (for ANS synthesizer)
Stanislav Kreichi - Geometry of sound (for the ANS synthesizer, to the 100th anniversary of the birth of E.A. Murzin, the creator of the ANS synthesizer).

Happy to deliver the good news,

David Mecionis