Margaret O'Connell's Plans for Europe

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 8:51 AM

Margaret O'Connell writes in:

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

Happy almost-spring!  My name is Margaret O'Connell, and I'm a performer member of the NYCC. 

I've been working in NYC as a professional mezzo soprano, premiering new operas and songs as well as singing traditional repertoire.

I'm delighted to announce that I've launched a fundraising campaign to help finance the next step in my career:  my recital debut in Germany and European audition tour.  I'd love it if you'd watch the video, check out the essay and perks for contributors, and forward my project to anyone who may be interested in supporting it.  If you wish, you may even contribute yourself! :-) 

Here is the link: For more information about my background and work, please visit my website at:

Thank you very much!

All the best,