Sunday Salon, October 28

Saturday, October 27, 2012 7:26 AM

A reminder that our October salon is being held October 28. Here are the details:

Sunday, October 28, 2012, 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Eugene McBride's apartment
The Manhattan Plaza
484 West 43rd St., Apt. 14M


1. Discussion of Organizational Matters and Reports

2. Composition Reading Session

Emiko Hayashi has organized the live reading of works by two of our members:
Memrie Innerarity - "Three Bagatelles for Oboe, Cello, and Piano" 1. Rumors of War, 2. Graveyard Shift, 3. (Untitled)
Nailah Nombeko - "Piece for Oboe and Piano No. 2"
Keve Wilson, oboe; Linor Katz, cello; Memrie Innerarity, piano

3. Audition of Works by Members and Guests

Tamara Cashour - Three Selections from "City Sketches" a new musical: 1. Leda Lovely Leda, 2. Entrance of The Shadow, 3. Pandora's Box. A MIDI realization.
Joe Pehrson - "Melange" Michiyo Suzuki, bass clarinet; Gene Pritsker, guitar; Joseph Pehrson, piano in a CD recording. Dary John Mizelle - "The Sacred Power of Music" A recording of a live performance by the Orchestra of Our Time.
Bob Cohen - "Parable" for soprano and chamber orchestra. A recording of a live performance by Leila Deis, soprano, and the Hoboken Chamber Orchestra. (Approx. 20 min.)

Any remaining time will be devoted to auditioning works brought to the Salon by attendees.

4. Conclusion and Refreshments