ELLIOTT CARTER: Honorary Member

Monday, June 9, 2008 5:08 PM


Dear Members,

It is with a sense of pleasure and deep satisfaction that I want to share with you who our newest Honorary Member is, and at the same time I want express my appreciation for all of you who have in various ways contributed so much to making the New York Composers Circle what it has now become and will become in the new music community now and in years to come.

By your contribution of efforts, talents and works, you have made it possible to create a new home for new music that can welcome the world-class reputations of our current honored roster of Honorary Members: Tania León, Ezra Laderman, John Eaton, Paul Moravec, Dinu Ghezzo, and now, perhaps this country’s most celebrated and esteemed creator and steadfast champion of new music, Elliott Carter.

This year, on December 11th, Mr. Carter, and many of us here and around the world, will be celebrating his centennial anniversary as the most senior and singular artistic and productive force in new music still with us today. In an amazingly productive career spanning most of the 20th century and the beginning of this 21st century, his extraordinary output of marvelously opulent and complex landmark works has expanded the boundaries of what new music can successfully express and deliver in our most complicated and challenging times.

In his honor and in special recognition of this “landmark” year in his creative life, the NYCC will be featuring one of Mr. Carter’s chamber works at our first inaugural concert of the 2008-2009 concert season that will also take place in early December.

I’m confident that I speak for all of us at the NYCC in extending our most heartfelt welcome to Elliott Carter as our newest Honorary Member.

John de Clef Piñeiro
NYCC Executive Director