Friday, June 15, 2007 3:55 PM

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CESAR VUKSIC invites us to attend a Recital of the Brooklyn Conservatory Chorale conducted by his wife, Nelly Vuksic. He is participating, both as accompanist and soloist in a very exciting program that includes Piazzolla’s “Balada para un Loco” (The Crazy Man’s Ballad), “Misa Criolla” by Ariel Ramirez (The Mass set to Argentinean Folk rhythms and melodic styles) for Soloists,Chorus, Piano, Double Bass and Percussion, and compositions by Schubert, Mendelssohn, Vaughan Williams, Copland and Belisario Perez. This Ensemble wraps up its first season with this Program titled “World Music from the Earth to the Heavens”.  Saturday, June 16 at 8pm at Saint Francis Xavier Church – 225  6th Avenue between President and Carroll Street. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Train Q to 7th Avenue Station, Brooklyn.


RICHARD BROOKS sends along the following concert announcements from the American Composers Alliance. I spy the names of JOHN EATON, PATRICIA SONEGO, CHRISTOPHER OLDFATHER (and of course, RICHARD BROOKS) below, who are all composers or performers closely associated with the NYCC. I’m sure you will find many other names below who are well-known to you. 

Programs on June 20th, 21st and 23rd will take place at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space at 2537 Broadway in Manhattan. Ticket prices are as follows:

June 20:  $25 regular; $20 for students and seniors.

Jun 21:    $15 regular; $10 for students and seniors

June 21:   FREE

For tickets  please call the box office at (212) 864-5400 or order online at

June 22nd is at the Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, 43A West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011, tel. 212 645 2800.  Tickets are $15/10. To reserve tickets call 212 362 8900 or email

ACA Festival 2007

Celebrating ACA’s 70 Anniversary

Wednesday, June 20, 8pm: Pumped Fiction

John Eaton: Pumped Fiction, a Pocket Opera*

Thursday, June 21, 8pm: Music for the Solstice

ACA presents the Laurel Leaf Award to Fred Sherry for

“distinguished achievement in fostering and encouraging American music”

Lewis Nielson: Iskra * (Alice Teyssier, flute, Jonathan Hepfer, perc., Gabrielle Athayde, cello)

Raoul Pleskow: On Lines form the Latin * (Patricia Sonego, soprano, Christopher Oldfather, piano)

Carmel Raz: Iola for Solo Flute * (Barry Crawford, flute)

Anthony Cheung: Enjamb/Infuse/Implode (The Second Instrumental Unit, Marc Williams, conductor)
Elizabeth Bell: Soliloquy † (Loren Dempster, cello)

Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy: Spirit Man † (Laura Campbell, flute)

Christopher Adler: Signals Intelligence  † (Alexander C Lipowski, marimba)

Rolv Yttrehus: Sextet II † (Second Instrumental Unit, Marc Williams, conductor) 

Friday, June 22, 8pm: Piano Piano

(Idith Meshulam, piano, Eric Huebner, piano)

Aaron Copland: Danzon Cubano  

Elizabeth Bell: Duovarios for Two Pianos †

Elliott Schwartz: Test Drive for piano duet † 8 (Idith Meshulam and Elliott Schwartz)

Christopher Auerbach-Brown: Introspectio 3,4 *

John Cage: Experiences

Karim Al-Zand: Pattern Preludes †

Rob Redei: Capriccio

Robert Helps: Eventually the Carousel Begins

Saturday, June 23, 6pm-10pm: A New Music Marathon 


Charles Ives:  The Unanswered Question (The Second Instrumental Unit, Marc Williams, conductor)

Darleen Mitchell: Dakota † (Valerie Cisler pianist Anne Foradori soprano)

Gregory Hall: Clayton Run-Around * (Minghuan Xu, violin)

Michael S. Rothkopf: Songs of Light * (Patricia Sonego, soprano)

Jan Gilbert: Lady of the Broom * (Nancy Ogle soprano, Barry Crawford flute, Eric Nowlin

viola, Loren Dempster, cello)


Richard Brooks: Rhapsody for Violin and Piano (Minghuan Xu, violin, Winston Choi, piano)

Frederick Tillis: A Latin American Suite * (Second Instrumental Unit)

Beth Wiemann: A change in the weather * (Marilyn Nonken, piano)

Harold Seletsky: Apathy † (Patricia Sonego, soprano, David Fulmer, violin, Loren Dempster, cello, Christopher Oldfather, piano)


Hubert Howe: Symphony  No. 3, 1st movement *  (The Second Instrumental Unit, Marc Williams, conductor)

Robert Ceely: Extensions † (Shen Wen, pianist)

Elias Tanenbaum: Bring ‘Em On * (Second Instrumental Unit)

James Beale: Woodwind Quintet † (Second Instrumental Unit)


Milton Babbitt: Little Goes a Long Way and An Encore † (Christopher Oldfather, piano, David Fulmer, violin)

Burton Beerman: Conversations * (Shiau-uen Ding, piano)

Joel Gressel: ShortStops (computer)*

John Melby: Concerto No.2 for Piano and Computer* (Winston Choi, piano)

* world premiere          † New York premiere


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