From Our Executive Director

Sunday, December 10, 2006 4:31 PM

I hope you don’t get tired of hearing good news, or worse, getting used to it, but the success of last night’s inaugural concert of the 2006-2007 season was yet another proofthat our NYCC is moving in the right direction for all of us!

Not only did we have a nearly full house,
not only did we have elegantly-designed programs with substantial program notes,
not only did members and performers and audience alike express enthusiasm about how the concert went,
not only did we do very well in contribution receipts at the door,
not only did we have the pleasure of a very acoustically and aesthetically satisfying concert hall experience,
not only did we also enjoy a very warm, lively, tasty and well-arranged and well-attended post-concert reception,
and not only did all of our featured and volunteer composers give of themselves as if to support their own families,
but all of this happened on what was perhaps the coldest night that NYCC is likely to have this concert season!

In my book, you are all like stars lighting up a night sky and, your cooperative example is showing us how to make a big difference!

Special Thanks to Patricia Leonard for producing a very successful concert;
to our featured composers (Roger Blanc, Alla Borzova, Richard Brooks, Peter Dizozza, Victor Frost, Martin Halpern, Patricia Leonard and Eugene Marlow) for proving that we can all reach our audience;
to our fine roster of performers, members and non-members alike (Mary Barto, Roger Blanc, David Ciucevich, Jennifer DeVore, Peter Dizozza, Oren Fader, Victor Frost, Sibylle Johner, Adam Kent, Nataliya Medvedovskaya, Ana Milosavljevic, and Christopher Oldfather) for sharing their artistry;
to Tamara Cashour, Lois Dilivio, Gene McBride, Chris Montgomery, and Miki Nakanishi for all of your vital support (with the reception and the contributions table);
to Richard Russell for a very fine printed program and other publicity;
to Eugene Marlow for his press outreach and related publicity and for obtaining the Engelman Recital Hall for our use; and, finally, to all of our members who notified others of, or encouraged attendance at, our concert.

Thank you all for showing the NYCC spirit!